Take Action

After one learns the fundamental facts that reveal the official response to COVID-19 as a radical deception, taking action to publicly expose these grotesque lies and evolve our society in a positive new direction becomes almost a duty. For years many people have been aware of the radical corruption that exists within our health care system, regulatory institutions, legal system, military-intelligence complex and greater government, yet have done little to remedy this state of affairs out of fear, confusion and apathy. The surreal and truly fascist public policy that is now being attempted to be forced on our society via the official response to COVID-19, is so extreme that the words “radical” and “surreal” don’t do justice to the extent of attack our society has now come under. This new unimaginably radical corruption very directly imposes truly Orwellian restrictions and indignities on all socio-economic groups in society including the very wealthy, and is making sitting on the sidelines and doing little about it, more scary than getting involved in serious and persistent activism to stop this evil.

Taking comprehensive action to stop this fascist agenda requires a persistent multi pronged approach that includes these facets:

  • Stop participating in the lie
  • Spread the truth in your city/state
  • Build community around the truth
  • Put all your political and regulatory institution leaders on notice
  • Support small businesses that support the truth
  • Seek to develop a deep spiritual foundation that will underpin and inform all your efforts

Stop Participating in the Lie

Remove your consent by bucking the official COVID-19 guidelines that are being posed as laws, but in reality have no authority or legitimacy. Live your life in alignment with the U.S. Constitution, your U.S. State’s law and Natural Law granted to all human beings by mother nature.

Spread the Truth in Your Community

Attend rallies in your city and state around the truth to get the word out and send a message to the powers that shouldn’t be that have implemented this deception. Pass out flyers in your city to get the truth out like the high end flyer-cards that Stand For Freedom Now has produced. Talk face-to-face with your immediate neighbors, friends and family about the truth as much as they are open to hearing it.

Below are images of the high end flyer-cards that Stand For Freedom Now has produced. If you would like to use our flyer-cards to get the word out in your city, you can order some of our flyer-cards by sending us a request using the message form field below the images.

If you would like to use our flyer-cards to get the word out in your city, you can order some of our flyer-cards by sending us a request using the message form field below.

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Build Community Around the Truth

Make a point to engage with our organization, Stand For Freedom Now, and similar organizations as much as possible to help create as much community around the truth as you can. If you have the resources and the ambition, create your own non profit organization in your city/state. Never give up on getting the truth through to family, friends and colleagues who may not quite “get it” yet, but show signs that they’re ultimately open to the truth and will come to understand at some point in the future.

Put All Your Political and Regulatory Institution Leaders on Notice

Call and write paper letters to all your political and regulatory institution leaders to tell them that you understand the official COVID-19 response is a lie. You can find the names and contact info for all your political reps online in seconds at this website by simply entering your home zip code.

Peggy Hall’s website offers excellent guidance in putting your political and regulatory institution leaders on notice. 

If you live in California, visit Recall Gavin 2020 at this link to learn why it’s important we recall our Governor and where you can sign a paper petition to add your name to the effort, as well as, help gather additional signatures for the petition from your family, friends, neighbors and greater community. This is currently one of the most important actions for Californian activists to take.

Be sure to watch Peggy Hall’s keynote talk on how to put your political leaders on notice for COVID-19 truth, from the August 2020 Stand For Freedom Now meeting, now available to watch on BitChute by clicking the video cover image below or by clicking this text link.

Also, note one of the most innovative recommendations that Peggy makes, in her talk with our community linked to below, is to file a formal civil grand jury complaint in Los Angeles county (or whatever county you live in). We’ve followed up on this recommendation and tracked down the links to the document and filing instructions to file a civil grand jury complaint in Los Angeles county. Here is the link to the criminal/civil grand jury central webpage. Here is the link to the instructions on filing the civil grand jury form and the link to download the actual civil grand jury form to fill out and mail to the civil grand jury office. We urge all to complete this task and also want to point out that you can file this complaint anonymously if you wish.

Support Small Businesses that Support the Truth
Shop as little as possible in stores that go along with the official COVID-19 guidelines and make a point to shop from local small businesses that buck the lie. Also, try to use cash for purchases as much as possible instead of always using your ATM/Credit cards or other traceable digital payment formats.

eek to Develop a Deep Spiritual Foundation
In these extremely challenging times of massive upheaval and change, having a deep spiritual foundation that imbues one’s mind with unconditional peace and deep wisdom is critical. Use these surreal times as a point of leverage to realize your greatest asset has nothing to do with material possessions, fiat currency, or what other people think of you, but in fact, is something you were born with and can never be taken away from you. The deeper spiritual understanding you develop through this surreal situation, will inform your actions and drive you forward as you seek to evolve our society and world in a positive direction.