There are many amazing resources available to empower yourself with factual information and news, regarding the unprecedented COVID-19 situation. Additionally, key activism leaders have emerged who are leading the push back, nationally and internationally, against the fascist COVID-19 agenda. Below we provide links to some of these invaluable resources and leaders. We encourage all to explore how they can help you further inform yourself, and take action to stop the fascist COVID-19 agenda.

Key Sources of Information and News

James Corbett: Corbett Report Website | Corbett Report on BitChute
The Plandemic Film Series: Plandemic Series Website |
The Plandemic Series on BitChute
Jon Rappoport:
No More Fake News Blog | Jon’s Three Part Audio Series on the Solari Report
COVID-19 Reader: CV19R Blog

Leading Activists

Peggy Hall: The Healthy American Website
Freedom Angels: Freedom Angeles Website
Citizens for Free Speech: CFFS Website
American Phoenix Project: American Phoenix Project Website
Day of Liberty: Day of Liberty Website
The Campaign To Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom: Recall Gavin 2020 Website