Stand For Freedom Now is an informal non-profit organization. The operations of SFFN depend on the donations of our community members and colleagues.

If you appreciate what we do, please consider making a donation to our efforts today so we can continue to help secure our freedom in the face of COVID-19 deceit.

Your donation will be put to use to:

  • Fund the ongoing costs of running our website;
  • Fund the printing cost of our full-color double sided flyer-cards that we distribute;
  • Fund materials and printing to build signs and banners for our rallies;
  • Fund our Zoom subscription fee so we can host large group webinars;
  • Fund speaker honorariums when we have special guest speakers at our webinars;
  • Fund our mass e-mail communications subscription so we can keep you informed of our activities;
  • Fund the printing of stickers, t-shirts and pins to help get our message out;

Donate to us via PayPal here. Note: Since we’re an informal non-profit group, we had to create our PayPal account under an individual’s name. This is why our SFFN PayPal account references the name Thomas McFarlan. Thomas is the driving force behind Stand For Freedom Now.

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