COVID-19 Deceit

There are many worthy pieces of evidence that provide some degree of proof that the official story of COVID-19 is a deception, however, there are five key pieces of evidence that are the most critically important to understand when discovering the underlying truth of COVID-19. These five key pieces of evidence cut cleanly and quickly like a knife, through the official account of COVID-19 leaving the official story of the so-called pandemic in shreds.

After thoroughly reading the passages below and reviewing the content we provide links to that further clarifies this evidence with detailed explanations from highly qualified experts, it should be crystal clear that the official account of COVID-19 is fraudulent and that any so-called vaccine for a fraudulent pandemic should be avoided at all costs.

1: The Event 201 coronavirus pandemic response simulation proves foreknowledge and fore-planning of the so-called “real” pandemic.

In October of 2019, the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, with their key partner the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, staged an extremely elaborate and detailed simulation of a severe coronavirus pandemic. The circumstances acted out in this coronavirus pandemic simulation, match up exactly with the so-called “real” pandemic that unfolded just weeks after the Event 201 simulation ended.

The fact that the Event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation actually happened, is not disputed by official sources. It’s openly admitted to, and anyone can view the official video of the event on YouTube here.

The mathematical probability of this Event 201 coronavirus simulation happening by pure chance, just weeks before the exact same coronavirus pandemic supposedly happened in real life, are virtually zero…

Bill Gates has publicly stated that the medical establishment, and governments worldwide, were caught completely off guard by the so-called “real life” coronavirus pandemic. This public statement completely ignores the fact that Event 201 happened and that official health authorities, and governments worldwide, invested all this time, money and effort planning for the exact same corona virus pandemic circumstances, that supposedly unfolded in “real life” just weeks after the simulation.

So here we’ve caught Bill Gates blatantly lying in official public statements, but even more importantly, the Event 201 simulation proves that it’s mathematically virtually impossible that the so-called “real life” pandemic occurred naturally by pure chance.


2: Where is the evidence of the virus?

According to the Nobel Laureate winning inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, the PCR process is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. Additionally, there is no other test for the coronavirus… Thus the only evidence we have that the corona virus exists, is from a testing process that is known to be completely unfit as a diagnostic tool.

Scientific American magazine ran a cover story about the coronavirus and showed no electron micrographs of the virus. The cover image was an illustration.

The virus has not been isolated. Koch’s postulates—four criteria designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease—have not been applied.

Refer to this article for a more detailed explanation of why the award winning inventor of the PCR test has stated that this test is completely unfit as a diagnostic tool. Also, refer to this article that quotes from official U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) documents, to show that the CDC themselves openly admit in their own official documents, in convoluted language, that the official test for COVID-19 is grossly inaccurate. Further, refer to this article for more detailed information generally about the lack of evidence of the virus.


3: The PCR test has no validity as a diagnostic tool.

The PCR process is the official test that’s used to detect positive cases of the coronavirus. It is the only method of doing so. The main problems associated with this are:

  • The PCR process was invented as a manufacturing process and its Nobel Laureate inventor says that it is not suitable as a diagnostic tool.
  • It amplifies DNA or RNA sequences that are merely presumed to be related to the coronavirus.
  • The threshold at which the process returns a positive result is arbitrarily selected and the process can be easily adjusted to get results above the threshold.
  • There is no other way to prove the existence of coronavirus, so there is no way to validate the PCR test itself.

Refer to this article for a more detailed explanation of why the award winning inventor of the PCR test has stated that this test is completely unfit as a diagnostic tool. Further, refer to this article for more detailed information on the PCR test.


4: Case number and death number counts have been grossly manipulated thus are completely unreliable.

There are many documented cases of corruption related to counting Covid cases and deaths. Even if one were to accept the official numbers, the narrative of a dangerous pandemic doesn’t pan out because:

  • Case numbers are not well correlated with death numbers.
  • Lockdowns and their associated social, emotional and financial stresses—and possibly even mask-wearing—are contributing to the increased death toll.
  • Even if one were to assume that the extremely questionable official death toll from COVID-19 is accurate, when one looks at the number of COVID-19 deaths that were officially tallied in the U.S. at the end of the 2019-2020 flu season—shortly after the so-called pandemic was first officially declared and the first lockdown guidelines were imposed—these numbers are not very different from previous periods described simply as bad flu seasons (1957 and 1968).


5: There are numerous respected and well known doctors and scientists who’ve publicly stated their opposition to the official story of COVID-19.

If the official story of the COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrable with objective and quantifiable evidence, why would all the numerous dissenting doctors opinions be so vigorously repressed and censored by the officials who spout the mainstream story of COVID-19? Scientific ideas have to be fully vetted to be considered true, and the official story of COVID-19 is being deliberately shielded from a full vetting. This reality clearly underscores the fact that what is being referred to as “the COVID-19 virus” has never been demonstrated with objective and quantifiable evidence, thus can’t be objectively proven to be the gravely serious and unprecedented threat that it is reported to be by official sources.

Refer to this Guardian article about the highly regarded dissenting expert opinions on the virus. Further, refer to this follow up Guardian article documenting even more highly regarded dissenting expert opinions.


The Plandemic Documentary Series

For those seeking a film that comprehensively documents the underlying truth of COVID-19, “The Plandemic” documentary series is highly recommended viewing.

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The Corbett Report’s Medical Martial Law Video Feature

Renowned Journalist James Corbett released this long video feature—which he described as an emergency broadcast—towards the end of March 2020, soon after the powers that shouldn’t be rolled out the first major COVID-19 lockdown. This piece delves into important additional facets of the long history that led up to the COVID-19 deception.

Click on the video cover graphic below to watch this video feature on BitChute, or this text link.

The Corbett Report’s Bill Gates Exposé Documentary Series

Bill Gates is one of the most intimately involved individuals in the roll out of the official COVID-19 cover story and response. Renowned Journalist James Corbett goes deep in this four part video feature exposé, that unearths the personal and professional history of Bill Gates, so the people of the world have some solid ground by which to determine the character and intentions of this man who thinks he has the right to play health dictator of the world. This video feature series is highly recommended viewing for those who want to more deeply understand the underlying reality of the COVID-19 roll out.

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Catherine Austin Fitts, Managing Director of Solari Investment Advisors, on the Official Account of COVID-19 in Relation to Financial Systems and Transhumanism

In this nearly hour long interview, Catherine Austin Fits offers in-depth analysis on the official account of COVID-19 in relation to national and transnational financial systems and the transhumanist agenda. An excerpt from this interview will be integrated into the upcoming release of the documentary “Planet Lockdown”.

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