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Stand For Freedom Now is a Southern California based non-profit education and activism organization, run by Thomas McFarlan, who established the concept and name of the group in the Summer of 2020 and has been its driving force ever since. Additionally, Thomas relies on a select group of advisors and on-the-ground volunteers to help facilitate the creation and functioning of the group’s work product and activities. Currently, over 560 people have subscribed to be part of the greater Stand For Freedom Now community.

Born out from the blatantly fraudulent official COVID-19 pronouncements and lockdown orders, SFFN is dedicated to presenting the full scope of evidence regarding the COVID-19 situation—evidence that has been deliberately censored by official sources of information. We don’t deal in unfounded speculation or “conspiracy theories”, we present hard evidence and the beyond a reasonable doubt implications of this evidence. This fact is plain to see for all who read our overarching analysis of the COVID-19 situation, and the further detailed analysis from established experts that we refer to.

SFFN offers this information in relatively concise texts, here on our website, that help newcomers to this information get up to speed quickly. Additionally, Thomas has used his rarified skills in Art Direction, Graphic Design and Writing to produce truly high-end full-color flyers for SFFN community members to distribute in their localities. These flyers feature bite-sized portions of COVID-19 truth, with a prominent call-to-action statement, directing viewers to visit the SFFN website to read the full explanation of the underlying reality of COVID-19. These flyers present this information with a very beautiful and emotional visual theme, that has proven to be very effective in garnering the attention of the public and motivating them to seek out more information on the SFFN website.

SFFN also facilitates and promotes in-person public rallies for our community members to get the underlying truth of COVID-19 out to the public. Finally, SFFN produces video-casts, now on a quarterly basis, with news, activism action-step guidance and community announcements. On occasion, SFFN also hosts in-person community meetings for our community members. All that is required to join our community is to submit your name and e-mail address to our e-mail list database. You can do this right here on the SFFN website.

We are dedicated to achieving our goals with peaceful and legal activism actions. Only individuals who are 100% committed to peaceful activism are welcome to take part in our activism actions and community gatherings. If you share our beliefs and agree with our goals, please join us!


Watch Thomas McFarlan discuss Stand For Freedom Now and the COVID-19 deception, with Dr. Armaiti May and Ramola D of Ramola D Reports on YouTube in the video link below.

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Stand For Freedom Now is active on the freedom loving social media and blogging platform called “Minds”. Visit our channel on Minds at this link, sign up for your free account and follow our channel there.

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There are many amazing resources available to empower yourself with factual information and news, regarding the unprecedented COVID-19 situation. Additionally, key activism leaders have emerged who are leading the push back, nationally and internationally, against the fascist COVID-19 agenda. Below we provide links to some of these invaluable resources and leaders. We encourage all to explore how they can help you further inform yourself, and take action to stop the fascist COVID-19 agenda.

Key Sources of Information and News

James Corbett: Corbett Report Website | Corbett Report on BitChute
The Plandemic Film Series: Plandemic Series Website |
The Plandemic Series on BitChute
Jon Rappoport: No More Fake News Blog | Jon’s Three Part Audio Series on the Solari Report
COVID-19 Reader: CV19R Blog

Leading Activists

Peggy Hall: The Healthy American Website
Freedom Angels: Freedom Angeles Website
Citizens for Free Speech: CFFS Website
American Phoenix Project: American Phoenix Project Website
Day of Liberty: Day of Liberty Website
The Campaign To Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom: Recall Gavin 2020 Website

Website management, art direction, graphic design and technology implementation, by Thomas McFarlan. Those interested in inquiring about Thomas’ design, marketing and technology consulting services can send an inquiry to him using the message form above.