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Stand For Freedom Now is an informal non-profit education and activism organization, run by seven deeply informed individuals in Southern California who make up the group’s planning committee. The core members of the planning committee who primarily facilitate the organization’s operations are: Alcyone Komoto, Dr. Armaiti May, Paulette N. and Thomas McFarlan.

We believe that all people, because they are human, have “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence).

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting our natural right of liberty—of freedom—and exposing and opposing all irrational, unethical and immoral infringements and confiscations of our freedom.

At present, we believe that our freedom is being systematically and rapidly stolen from us by our federal, state and local governments through their “COVID-19” lockdown orders. We find that these orders:

  • Are based on untruths—distortions, deletions and fabrications;
  • Violate existing laws;
  • Violate the ethical and moral principles upon which our government 
is founded and from which it derives its legitimacy.

We as free and sovereign people believe we have a duty—to ourselves, each other and our society—to:

  • Inform others of the truths about the “COVID-19” narrative and the lockdown orders.
  • Demand that our public officials rescind these orders and restore to us the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution of the United States of America and the state constitutions.
  • Connect and work with other like-minded individuals and groups who share our goals.
  • Inform others of the truths about the “COVID-19” narrative and the lockdown orders.

Our organization is dedicated to achieving our goals with peaceful activism. Only individuals who are 100% committed to peaceful activism are welcome to take part in our activism actions and community gatherings. If you share our beliefs and agree with our goals, please—join us!


Watch Stand For Freedom Now planning committee members Dr. Armaiti May and Thomas McFarlan discuss Stand For Freedom Now and the COVID-19 deception, live with Ramola D Reports on YouTube in the video link below.

Stand For Freedom Now on Minds.com

Stand For Freedom Now is active on the freedom loving social media and blogging platform called “Minds”. Visit our channel on Minds at this link, sign up for your free account and follow our channel there.

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