Vaccine Deceit

While It Should Be Obvious That Any So-Called “Vaccine” That Was Developed For A Fraudulent Pandemic Needs To Be Avoided At All Costs, Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Fundamentals Of Why The So-Called COVID-19 “Vaccine” Should Be Shunned

In the exact same way the full scope of evidence surrounding the circumstances of the greater so-called “pandemic” are being repressed and censored, the full scope of evidence surrounding the legitimacy of the COVID-19 “vaccine” is being repressed and censored…

This censored evidence has been brought to the public by numerous highly regarded dissenting experts like: Dr Joseph Mercola, Judy A. Mikovits PhD, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Kelly Brogan, Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Hilde De Smet, Dr Elizabeth Evans, Dr Mohammad Adil, Dr Johan Denis, Dr Anne Fierlafijn, Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Berre Lando, Dr Nat alia Prego Cancelo, Dr Nour De San, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr Joel Kettner, Dr John Ioannidis, Dr Yoram Lass, Dr Pietro Vernazza, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, Prof. Hendrik Streeck, Dr Yanis Roussel, Dr David Katz, Michael T. Osterholm, Dr Peter Goetzsche, Dr John Lee, Dr John Oxford, Prof. Knut Wittkowski, Dr Klaus Püschel, Dr Alexander Kekulé, Dr Claus Köhnlein, etc…

These experts’ research illuminates these key truths about the so-called COVID-19 “vaccine”:

The COVID-19 vaccine isn’t a vaccine in the objective medical definition of a vaccine. It’s most accurately described as highly experimental gene therapy that could prematurely kill large numbers of the individuals conned into getting it and disable exponentially more.

Why is the public being told the COVID-19 “vaccine” is a vaccine, when in actual fact, it’s a highly experimental medical procedure that alters the subject’s genes?

This gene therapy utilizes a bizzare and highly experimental technology that alters the subject’s DNA and thus genes. This technology is called “mRNA technology” and has never gone through proper testing, and in fact, has been rushed to market at a breakneck pace. Those that take the COVID-19 injection are this experiment’s test subjects.

Why aren’t those considering taking the COVID-19 injection being told that in effect, they’ll be the test subjects for this bizzare medical treatment?

The CDC and other official institutions facilitating and promoting the COVID-19 injection, explicitly state in the fine print of their documents that there is no guarantee of immunity after being “vaccinated”—now or in the future.

Why is the COVID-19 injection being rushed to market when the official institutions facilitating and promoting the treatment know there is no assurance of immunity for those that take it?

There is no guarantee from the manufactures of the COVID-19 injection, the CDC, or anyone that those that take the COVID-19 injection won’t experience severe adverse reactions, disability, or death—months or even years down the road.

Why would anyone want to get a medical procedure done that is being presented as something it isn’t, offers no assurance of effectiveness and may in fact itself cause severe adverse reactions, disability, or death?

Due to unprecedented legal manipulation and maneuvering, the companies making the COVID-19 injections can’t be sued in court, or held accountable in any way, when their injections kill or injure anyone.

Why would the companies that make the COVID-19 injection engage in such unprecedented legal maneuvers to gain immunity from legal consequences of their product severely harming the consumer if they were confident that their COVID-19 injection was safe?

Some private insurance companies will not pay for claims associated with injury or death from the COVID-19 injection due to its experimental nature.

Why would some of the most coldly calculating companies in the world come to the conclusion that the COVID-19 injection is too risky to insure under any circumstances if the injection was safe?


Watch numerous medical experts from around the world articulate an overview of their assessment of the so-called COVID-19 “vaccine” in the video linked to below…

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Watch Dr Joseph Mercola and Judy Mikovits PhD discuss in more detail the stark underlying reality of the so-called COVID-19 “vaccine” in the video linked to below…

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