The Plandemic Documentary Series

For those seeking a film that comprehensively documents the underlying truth of COVID-19, “The Plandemic” documentary series is highly recommended viewing.

Click on the documentary cover graphics below—from top to bottom: Plandemic introductory interview, Plandemic Indoctornation the main feature and Plandemic the follow up interview—or the following text links to see the three main parts of the documentary series for free on BitChute: Introduction | Main Feature | Follow Up Interview


The Corbett Report’s Medical Martial Law Video Feature

Renowned Journalist James Corbett released this long video feature—which he described as an emergency broadcast—towards the end of March 2020, soon after the powers that shouldn’t be rolled out the first major COVID-19 lockdown. This piece delves into important additional facets of the long history that led up to the COVID-19 deception.

Click on the video cover graphic below to watch this video feature on BitChute, or this text link.

The Corbett Report’s Bill Gates Exposé Documentary Series

Bill Gates is one of the most intimately involved individuals in the roll out of the official COVID-19 cover story and response. Renowned Journalist James Corbett goes deep in this four part video feature exposé, that unearths the personal and professional history of Bill Gates, so the people of the world have some solid ground by which to determine the character and intentions of this man who thinks he has the right to play health dictator of the world. This video feature series is highly recommended viewing for those who want to more deeply understand the underlying reality of the COVID-19 roll out.

Click on the video cover graphics below to watch one or more of this four part series on BitChute, or the following text links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Catherine Austin Fitts, Managing Director of Solari Investment Advisors, on the Official Account of COVID-19 in Relation to Financial Systems and Transhumanism

In this nearly hour long interview, Catherine Austin Fits offers in-depth analysis on the official account of COVID-19 in relation to national and transnational financial systems and the transhumanist agenda. An excerpt from this interview will be integrated into the upcoming release of the documentary “Planet Lockdown”.

Click on the video cover graphic below to watch the full interview on BitChute, or this text link.